Happy Valley Tango

Care to tango? The Tango, from Happy Valley, is an L-shaped, double-ended dildo that joins a market defined by Feeldoe’s and Share’s (as well as one or two others) all promising the ultimate strap-on experience with harness-free strap-on dildos. I have LONG been a fan of this style of strap on cock, because I (like many women) am able to get off on the actions that the “bulb” end inevitably take on my G spot. I used to rock a Feeldoe Slim (‘review’, ‘review’), till one day I met a Share (review) and everything changed. So, one might ask – how does the Tango compare?

In A Nutshell: A beautiful, soft, silicone strapless strap-on dildo that vibrates, stays put, and doesn’t feel ‘huge’

What’s Awesome? The silicone is gorgeous, the weighting and weight distribution are perfect. The ‘bulb’ is better, grip-wise, than on a Feeldoe, and is smaller than the one the Share uses.

What’s Not So Awesome? The Bulb is is smaller than the one the Share uses, a common complaint on the Share. The toy works best with a vibrator in place – is too compressible without.


The Tango truly is the comparable product to the Feeldoe slim and Share original. Many of the things I have said about the Share and Feeldoe need not be repeated, I instead direct you to those reviews and will say that indeed, the Tango is sturdier with a harness but works hands free with squeezed together legs….and yes it does do a nice job at transmitting the feelings of fucking to the wearers G spot. Size wise, the cock it gives the wearer is slender, although perhaps a bit thicker than the Share.

So given the many parallels to praises I’ve sung for the Feeldoe, and also the Share (ah, my beloved Share), how does the Tango compare, details wise. As it turns out, the Tango is actually a fabulous product – and perhaps the right choice for many women (I still prefer the Share). The bulb that the wearer wears is arrow shaped, helping it to be clenched upon more effectively and retained easier than a smooth bulb like the Feeldoe. Size wise, however, this bulb is smaller than that on the Feeldoe, and certainly the Share as well. So, for those who would prefer a smaller bulb will find the Tango more to their liking.

The cock of the Tango fit rather ‘pert’, both with and without the addition of a harness. While not as firm as the Feeldoe, it is certainly less floppy than the Share, which wiggles rather awkwardly without the addition of a harness or a hand. The actual usable length was more than adequate. The silicone is generally soft, yet slick, so the region around the bullet hole is exceedingly squishy if the bullet is not in place – something that actually contributes to the wiggle response with certain types of thrusts. I found this annoying, as I would prefer not to use a bullet. But that’s a preference thing.

And so, the big questions – how well does the Tango stay put during sex? For me, not so well, but certainly much better than I ever did with the Feeldoe. The Tango is an improvement, but not as dramatic as the Share, plain and simple, so I did find that the Tango wanted to pop out, and a harness was really necessary to stabilize it enough for some good sex. And the G spot stimulation? Again, the Tango batted firmly in between the Feeldoe and the Share – more than Feeldoe, but nowhere near the power of the Share. So for me? Share wins. But I’m thinking that those who find the Share uncomfortable will love the Tango.

A special thank you to the folks at Happy Valley for providing me with this product for review!

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  1. uptoplay2 Says:

    Have you looked at the Realdoe … a realistic feeldoe, but with the density that Mia has been trying to achieve. There’s a “original” size, and soon a slimdoe size.

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