Babeland sent me a fabulous rechargeable vibrator in exchange for review.

What’s Awesome? Slick colors, sophisticated styling, completely waterproof and rechargeable and easy to use.

What’s Not So Awesome? It’s loud, and the charger is huge


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I really wanted to like the Buzzlet. The price ($79) is right for a rechargeable waterproof vibe with a variety of patterns, and it does perform well in the power department…but it makes a lot of noise, and the charger is just plain big and clunky, which leaves a sour taste in my (perhaps jaded) mouth.

Let me explain.

The Buzzlet charges via induction by sitting on the cradle of its white plastic charger. In addition to this charger having a big footprint, the Buzzlet is anchored into place by a vertical rod that the hole on its body slides onto. I am not sure if this rod serves any purpose other than correctly orienting the Buzzlet for charging, but it makes the charger unnecessarily big. It cannot slip into a skinny bedside drawer, for example, which is what I ask at bare minimum. In fact, the charger was so weird it didn’t fit into the box that I keep chargers in, which was a bad sign right off the bat.

Charger issues aside, the Buzzlet is a fine toy, albeit a little noisy as vibes go. It is controlled via a single button on the white side of its body, which, when pushed, cycles through the different vibration patterns the Buzzlet offers. To turn the Buzzlet off, you have to push the button for an extended period of time – but then again, not too much, or it will think it’s being turned back on. This was mildly irritating, but manageable.

In use, the Buzzlet performs well. Its shape is that of a fat stubby cigar, meaning it works well as a clit vibe (unless you really, really need pin-point vibrations) and also works decently well for a little bit of penetration. The hole on its body which is used to orient it properly during charging makes a fine finger hold to allows excellent control in the face of slippery lube covered hands. And, it seems to hang onto a charge forever – coming out of the depths of my toy box after any length of time with just as much charge as it was left with. Not many rechargeable vibes actually hold onto their charge and don’t trickle down while being neglected, so this is an admirable feature. This excellent charge keeping capactity extends to the length of time the Buzzlet buzzes – it always seems like it’s always good to go, no matter how long it has been since its last charge. The only other rechargeable vibes I have ever played with that have this kind of longevity are those by Lelo, which are at a higher price-point and are not waterproof, so this is really an admirable feature.

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