Deluxe G-Spotter Review

I love my hitachi, and that’s no secret. Its pretty much damn well perfect as is, even with its faults (the noise, the horribly porous head…) but when a new hitachi cap crosses my radar it always peaks my attention. So when Babeland offered the deluxe G-Spotter in exchange for an honest review, I just had to give it a try.

In A Nutshell: A wonderful g-spotting hitachi cap.

What’s Awesome? The soft silicone allows it to mold to your shape perfectly to allow transmission of the intense hitachi vibrations directly to your g-spot

What’s Not So Awesome? Not much!

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The Deluxe G-Spotter is made from pliable, shiny, purple silicone. Its gonzo nose is curved, flexible and features a flat tip – the perfect combination to allow g-spot targeting. I have found that although the cap’s dimensions aren’t perfect for hitting my g-spot, as soon as it warms up it’s flexibly allows it to mold to my shape rather effortlessly. Now of course, being soft and flexible means that it can’t press firmly against my g-spot (which is generally a requirement for successful g-spotting) but the fact that the cap then transmits the intense vibrations of the hitachi pretty much makes up for that.

The Deluxe G-spotter’s charms are not limited to its gonzo nose; the cap also includes a clit nub out of that same soft flexible silicone that does a fabulous job of clit stimulation. Granted, personal anatomical layout defines how well this numb will line up with a particular clit but the silicone’s flexibly really does allow favorable positioning of the wand cap in order to make the clit nub and the G-spotting tip to line up properly. In other words, strap on the cap, flip the switch, and prepare for a wild ride.

The cap is easy to clean – soap and water or toy cleaner for day to day cleanup; boiling if you want heavier sanitization. The cap is made from the sort of silicone that loves to pick up hair and lint so its going to need a rinse before use 99% of the time. The cap is easier to clean – by a long shot – than the normal hitachi’s head…but unfortunately use of the cap makes for a wetter experience than the hitachi alone, so the added benefit is really tempered by that added complication.

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  1. Erotismo Says:

    I think I better try this one, I’m definitely curious how it works, since you provided me with this toy review.

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