And Now A Word Of Warning: Picobong Mahana

Whatever you do, do not buy the Picobong Mahana. In short, it hurts like a motherfucker.

I got mine from Babeland in exchange for an honest review, and a few short months later they are no longer carrying it, which I imagine is due to the fact that it sucks so hard its very presence in their catalogue was harming their reputation. Fortunately they offer a variety of other awesome vibrators that do not suck for your jerking off pleasure, and literally ANYTHING will be a better option.

But back to the Mahana. What’s so horrible about it, you ask?


1) It’s rigidly C shaped, in some sort of we-vibe rip off attempt without any flexability. How its supposed to be positioned is beyond me because attempting to get it into place hurt. Badly, actually.

2) It takes two separate batteries for each of its motors, and the controls individual as well. So that’s double the on switches and double the off switches. Oh and if it could actually be inserted into place, the controls for the inserted arm would be, well…inserted.

3) Batteries are loaded in by simply unscrewing the silicone potion from the plastic. This is great and all, till you realize this seam is inserted and thus gets saturated with juices. Clean up is NOT a breeze.

4) The rigid C shape is so terrible, it makes me wonder if someone who’s never touched a vagina came up with the design.

5) Each motor runs on only one battery, and surprise surprise they are lame and buzzy and frustrating.

I suppose this toy could work for some, but to me its just such a miss it makes me wonder how Lelo could fuck up so bad.

So do yourself a favor – avoid it at all costs.

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  1. Epiphora Says:


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  4. Ariel Jordan Says:

    This sounds like the absolute worst. I would seriously recommend any of the Magic Wand line…they’re so well designed, high-quality, and meant for pleasure–not pain. In my opinion, you don’t need to look any further…

  5. eLoveBase Erotikportal Says:

    A really great adult toys. But you should have both like to put this toy too. As I saw this sex toy is not cheap.

  6. Deutsch frauen Says:

    to the #4 point: I think you might be right about not touching vagina and making that C form :)

  7. Adult Sex Toys Says:

    Hmmmm you are right, if it hurts then no one must buy it. infact there are lots of other sex toys that people can buy to relax themselves.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Picobong honi is pathetic. A rip off. Vibrations are almost non existent. Coudlnt bring myself off. Who are they making these things for.

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